The sale of a property requires a knowledge of the reality of the market. We first act as advisors, then we estimate your property and finally we do everything we can to make the sale happen.

Residential and commercial rentals:

As owners ourselves, we know the problems that can arise when renting. This is why we are very attentive to the candidates that we propose to the owners. We make sure that their net income is sufficient compared to the monthly rent they will have to pay and that they perfectly match the landlords' criteria. We rent properties as if they were our own and our careful selection of tenants is the reason why some landlords have trusted us for over 30 years.

Refurbishment of rental properties:

Keeping a property in good condition and up to date is often a constraint for landlords, either because of lack of time or lack of knowledge in the field of renovation: a simple coat of paint, the installation of a new parquet floor, the upgrading of the electrical system or even the complete renovation of some rooms or entire apartments? Thanks to our quality partners, you can entrust us with your renovation projects. We supervise and follow the work meticulously and manage all the logistics for you.

Rental management:

Since our creation in 1979, we make it a point of honor to take care in an optimal way of the properties that the owners ask us to manage. Finding a tenant for your apartment, your business, your house or your parking lot and taking care of all the obligations that go with it can be very time consuming. With us, owners find a partner to whom they can delegate this burden and in whom they have confidence. We take care of checking that the rents are paid, intervening in case of problems requiring routine repairs (locks, pipes, etc.) and being the privileged interlocutor of the tenants. It is the management "without worries" for the owners, we take care of everything.

The estimation of a property:

Thanks to our knowledge of the market, our experience and our internal tools that we update regularly, we estimate the properties at decent levels, in coherence with the current market and which correspond to the prices at which the properties would be likely to be sold in a reasonable time.